delete duplicates in iTunes – it works!

who in Delete iTunes Duplicates wants gets below a step-by-step instructions. We reveal how users search quickly and easily duplicate items in your iTunes library and remove the same. Learn More Now, exactly how it works and what the user should be aware there!

delete duplicates in iTunes: Finally more space!

For real music and movie fans who want to keep a good overview of their vast collection, management software such as iTunes download from Apple is almost indispensable. The clever feature of the software is that the files are always kept in sync between all connected devices. In general, many duplicate files accumulate in this way for a certain period of time. But do not worry: It's not too difficult to delete duplicates in iTunes.

Delete iTunes DuplicatesDelete iTunes Duplicates: We show step by step what to consider.

Another advantage: It pays not only for reasons of clarity, delete duplicate files, but it is on the hard drive at the same time a lot of disk space when superfluous doppelganger be deleted. How exactly can delete duplicates in iTunes, this guide explains in a few steps.

The System: How iTunes can be used

So iTunes can be used, a computer running Mac OS or Windows is required. Apple recommends here Windows 7 or later. For Macs Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later required for Apple Music even at least version 10.9.5. The computer should also have 400 MB of free space. In addition, a fast internet connection should be in place so that the stores can be used.

remove duplicate files from iTunes: Here's How!

  1. First, iTunes is launched by the user. After that in the menu bar display must be selected and the point "Show Duplicate Objects" be clicked. Now all duplicate files will be displayed that is iTunes in the current library. Who uses iTunes on a Mac, the option selected in the iTunes window from the File > Media library > Show duplicate objects.

  2. Now the site by name or artist can be sorted in order to group the objects. The user uses more columns to decide which duplicate objects to be removed. All files to be deleted can now be marked. A little faster it goes, if the Ctrl key is held on the keyboard.

  3. If the selection is complete, the right mouse button must be pressed. a menu in which the point deletion is selected now appears. iTunes now again asks if the files are really deleted completely. This should confirm the user, so that the files are not only removed from the library, but also right from the hard drive.

Delete iTunes duplicates InstructionsShow duplicate objects with iTunes in the Mac version.