Of the Mediapurge download sort music and video files, and unifies the ID3 tags. The freeware browsing on duplicate files quickly and easily.

Mediapurge Download with acoustic fingerprint

For searching the own music collection by doppelgangers provides MediaPurge an impressive audio comparison. This decides on the basis of Media Pure Acoustic fingerprinting process, whether it is duplicate songs or not. MediaPurge generates a two-unique key in the audio data. So let MP3 files to compare well. Useful acoustic fingerprint is to identify incomplete songs.

Other features of MediaPurge are the building of folder structures, restoring the file names from tags and a flexible copying and editing tags and file names. Here, the audio specialist also supports Cover tags and creating the file name based on the meta tags. Music makes friends the free MediaPurge helpful services in the management of your MP3 collection. The integrated sorting and matching functions provide easily order in your own music library.

Mediapurge download