WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone

Hardly a smartphone app has in recent years got off to a so rapid rise as the instant messaging service WhatsApp. The company was founded only a few years ago, from Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the US. Crucial to the success was obviously in addition to the free use probably also the cross-platform orientation of the app, because in addition to Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry WhatsApp is of course as WhatsApp iPhone available for the popular smartphone from Apple.

Easy and affordable installation of WhatsApp iPhone

The establishment and operation of the app is easy. Simply click on the link below and download the application from the iTunes Store. This is usually done within a few seconds. The WhatsApp Messenger uses the data plan that you use for email and mobile Internet browsing. to share news or media files with friends is under WhatsAppern therefore free.

WhatsApp iPhone

WhatsApp use on other Apple platforms

With some tweaks and tricks to WhatsApp can use on other Apple platforms. The prerequisite for this is an additional software that enables the app from the smartphone to the personal computer can be transferred, and from there back to the terminal, so iPod or iPad.

send more than just text messages for free using WhatsApp

In fact, the English name WhatsApp is meant as they can resonate it in German: “What’s wrong?”, “What’s up?”, Analogous to English What’s up or What’s app, which is the abbreviation app ( “Application”) includes. Since the first appearance of the year the first version in 2009, the instant messaging service has constantly developed. Thus, with WhatsApp iPhone now not only text messages – similar to an SMS – are sent, but also images and other media files such as audio and video recordings, as with other Messenger & VoIP services with free download. And: Of course, the application is not only available for Apple’s smartphone, but also for all other major platforms, from androids about BlackBerry up to the Windows Phone.

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