Heating and incidental costs for Excel

At the Heating and utilities for Excel Download is the name says it all. The shareware down the operating costs of a property for tenants and landlords on separately. The amount of the monthly advance automatically calculates the Excel spreadsheet.

Heating and utilities for Excel Download: calculate costs in Table

Heating and utilities for Excel performs the calculations without unnecessary frills. Also Accounts over several calendar years provide for the shareware no problem. In the full version the Excel spreadsheet can handle up to ten units. After heating and utilities for Excel download and installation, the user starts the XLS file using MS Excel or a compatible spreadsheet application like OpenOffice. The bottom of the table has seven tabs are visible: costs parameter, ordering, main menu, distributors, setup and view.

Enter costs for heating, water and sewage

Under the cost consumption-related costs and utilities registered under allocation formula. To the consumption-related costs include the costs of gas, water and wastewater, as well as the chimney sweep. The user can the old and the new meter readings as well as hold HU value and temperature value WW. Additional costs for measuring devices, maintenance and billing can also be included in the cost calculations.

Heating and utilities for Excel Download

Calculation by Surface, number of people or units

Both Additional costs for allocation formula ten fields are ready for recording, which can be calculated respectively by Surface, number of people or units. The associated value added tax rate can thereby be specified with either 19 or 7 percent or eliminated. Street cleaning, surface water, general electricity, insurance, foreign-conditioning, cable TV and property tax are defined here as a cost points, but can be changed at any time and complete. Another five empty fields provide additional input possibilities for cost factors around the apartment that can be passed on to the tenant.

Heating and utilities for Excel also prints equal to the letter from

Under parameter is all about the power consumption. Thus can be read quite well, whether it is a passive house, a partially modernized building, an average or a non-refurbished old building. The section main menu supports two residential units in heating and utilities for Excel download. Here can be among other things, Setting the year and the accounting period. The tab distributor receives more details on billing data and view the apartment owner can print out a completed operating and heating bill for each billing period. On request, the shareware spits also made a cover letter to the tenants with the associated key data. More Verwaltungsprogrammme for landlords are available in our software catalog for free download.

Heating and utilities for Excel Download billing

Limitations of heating and incidental costs for Excel

A maximum of two units in the trial