delete photos and account with Instagram - Here's how!

delete photos and account with Instagram – Here’s how!

entries in delete Instagram goes, individually or in one go over the account deletion. We show step by step how individual images or whole Instagram account permanently disappear from the scene. learn here more now!

Delete Instagram: Step by step description!

As is known, a picture is worth a thousand words. The download of Instagram for iPad, iPhone or Android Smartphone users open access to image-based social network. If you have downloaded the mobile application, pictures with other people can share. But what do you do when the user withdraw images or completely want to miss out on Instagram?

delete InstagramInstagram delete: We show you how it works!

delete individual photos from Instagram

There are many reasons why you want to delete some photos or videos Instagram. Some images seem in retrospect not as masterpieces that have been remembered. In other cases, one might not remember what is represented themselves and the world. Such recordings are easy to take on the social platform.

  1. First you have to log on to the mobile device in the Instagram app. After that seeks and opens to the image that you want to delete.
  2. the menu can be opened to the picture. This is at the bottom right and is characterized by three steps.
  3. Here Delete is selected. Without inadvertently the wrong file disappears from the Internet, the deletion must be confirmed again. Here it is not clear whether the file is deleted from the servers of Instagram.

Instagram delete imagesSelect Delete and confirm: Instagram photos

Instagram account without deleting return

Who wants to not only delete individual images, but all his Instagram account, you should consider some points.
The account deletion is final, that is, all photos are completely removed from the Internet. Who does not want to completely lose his digital art, can easily create a backup of all images with the Free Instagram Downloader.
Also to all his comments, likes and digital friendships are deleted from the photo community. After the account deletion, the user name can not be used again, so say goodbye to the images network should be carefully considered.

Delete account in a few steps

Uninstalling the Instagram app to completely say goodbye to the photo service enough. But who has already uninstalled the application from your phone or tablet must, not to worry: The account deletion is not working in the app, but instead takes place in the browser.
Who wants to delete his account permanently with Instagram can do so as follows:

  1. First you go to the side of the provider and logs on there. This can be done from the desktop and from the mobile device out.
  2. By clicking on the user name, a drop-down menu opens. Here the point is selected Edit profile.
  3. Now all appear to associated with your account. At the bottom right, the option appears I want to delete my account.
    Instagram Delete profileEdit Instagram profile and delete acount
  4. The provider requires you to specify a reason for termination before the Instagram account can be deleted permanently.
  5. If you have chosen a justification, the password is entered. the account deletion can now be confirmed with permanently disable my account. After that, the account can not be restored.

Instagram Delete AccountInstagram account permanently delete