With free 7-Zip Download Pack lands a class program on Windows PCs. The archive specialist sees itself with a seemingly endless bar of formats while extracting and offers 7z an in-house archiving algorithm with very good compression rate. Splitting archives, AES encryption and Explorer Integration see themselves almost by itself.

7-Zip download, install and use

Despite its wide-ranging variety of formats and send additional functions of both the 7-Zip is 32-bit download, as well as the 7-Zip 64-bit Download, kept quite slim. Installation is happening swiftly and successfully without superfluous questions. This is especially convenient for beginners - where no questions are asked, coming to no. All necessary and further features will be installed automatically. This includes, among other things, the integration into the Explorer context menu, which offers when right clicking on a file numerous 7-Zip features in its own submenu - handy!

7-Zip Download

The first time the 7-Zip File Manager offers users a window in the style of good old Windows workstation. Under the menu item view the presentation in a split view can transform what the greatly simplifies navigation with multiple directories. In addition, here you can switch to individual toolbars and increased at the request of the icons of the top toolbar - good for users with limited vision and Silver Surfer. Another goodie is the Folder Favorites. Here define user up to ten frequently used folders that are accessible from then on the shortcut key. Otherwise, the 7-Zip program interface presents all in all functional straightforward. Who likes the somewhat upbeat, however, can stoking here: The 7-Zip Theme Manager user fit the program interface to their own taste and bind from a wide selection a ready alternative themes. So the Pack program makes visually in an instant a lot more ago.

Files packed with 7-Zip

Optionally, you create archives with 7-Zip directly in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the to be compressed (s) file (s). If you choose here Add to Dateiname.7z, the packer will automatically create an archive with the default settings. If you select Add to archive ... the user interface of 7-Zip opens. Alternatively, users create archives in 7-Zip by marking all desired files and then clicking Add. No matter which option to add the window to archive are various parameters to choose from: The archive format is determined what format the packed files should have. Standard here is 7-Zip, which promises a great compression. 7-Zip archives created in the formats: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, WIM and XZ.

pack 7-Zip Download files

If you want to make sure that users can open the archive without the 7-Zip download is recommended here either the standard supported by Windows ZIP format, or creating a self-extracting archive by checking the corresponding check mark on the right hand. Furthermore it is here the CPU used threads and the compression strength. A higher strength brought a minimum saving of space in the test, but takes longer. Here so you should only invest hand when really each kB counts. The number of threads in turn determines how many system resources used 7-Zip. Especially with really lengthy packing operations can be here one hand, save time and also ensure that the compression program does not claim all resources for itself. Those who want to distribute files via the Internet or on CD / DVD, also shares the archive already on in the creation into several parts. This is what the pulldown menu at the bottom left already different standard sizes, alternatively put users here even the desired size. Optional also is setting a password to open the archive and on request also encrypt the file names included on the agenda. To right the desired password, just enter it twice. Encrypted is here with the usual AES algorithm in 256-bit.

Files unzip with a huge selection

To decompress zipped files 7-zip offers a variety of sizes that is unparalleledWith 7Z, ARJ, BZ2 BZIP2, CAB, CPIO, DEB, DMG, FAT, GZ, GZIP, HFS, ISO, LHA, LZH, LZMA, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SQUASHFS, WSC, TAR, TAZ, TBZ, TBZ2, TGZ, TPZ, TXZ, VHD, WIM, XAR, XZ, Z and ZIP is as good as any common archive format supports. Really fancy the opportunity reinzuschnuppern in ISO images and VHD files from Windows Virtual PC. Unpacking will take place as well as the compression selectively in various ways. The different versions are all available either after the start of the 7-Zip file manager, or by right-clicking on the file and select the desired item from the 7-Zip context menu in Explorer. You can choose from:

  • unzip files: Opens the quick dialogue with the specification of the desired location, password entry and the write mode - will overwrite existing files without comment on the plate or not.
  • Extract here: Begins immediately decompressing the current directory and asks what to do with existing files.
  • Extract to Folder name: Automatically sets the storage folder a sub-folder with the name of 7Archivs and stores the extracted files there.
  • Open: Launches the 7-Zip file manager and allows you to add files or targeted unpack single files. If it is desired that 7-Zip opens automatically to a supported archive file when you double-click, so 7-Zip to be associated with the desired file types. This is done in the 7-Zip settings under the Tools -> options -> System.

Small download, large function

The bottom line is free Pack program can optically not really convince the first program start though, it finds on closer inspection much more than it promises. This applies equally to both variants offered, the only difference between the 7-Zip 32-bit download and the 7-Zip 64-bit Download is the memory usage and the resulting faster execution on x64 systems. Alternatives: You can find more zip / unzip programs for free download.