After this ISeePass download can make passwords visible users. For example, typing errors can be easily avoided. The tool should, however, found only on private computers use.

The ISeePass Download simplifies entering passwords

Whether in social networks for e-mail providers or shopping sites: Everywhere lurks the input of the user profile including your password. The small but fine ISeePass Download simplifies the procedure considerably. The add-on is simply integrated into the browser used and shows from now on the passwords entered no more than asterisks or dots, rather than plain text. Typos and the repeated entry of incorrect passwords entered hear with the tool in the future to the past.

Use only on the private computer

is so useful ISeePass, users should use the program only on computers on which they have exclusive access. Suitable is the tool with popular browsers like Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Our download link leads to the site of the manufacturer of the add-on can be activated via drag-and-drop in the respective browser from simple. Simply pull the orange ISeePass button in the bookmark list. By clicking on the icon the passwords afterwards be easily displayed.

ISeePass downloadThe ISeePass Download facilitates password. Image: Tecdrop.