The Opera browser is visually very simple. Whom the design is too boring, with Opera themes magic colorful images on the home page. Needed only a few clicks. learn more here!

Opera has always been considered underestimated browser. Despite being on the market for many years, it is only gradually perceived by users and uses. The current Opera download is available for free here. As before, the browser is updated frequently and is therefore particularly obese for his safety. Likewise, the easy integration of other software and the minimalistic design many users delight. However, if that simple design does not suit you and who want to bring rather more color into play, the browser home page can provide a customized look by using a variety of themes Opera. It is also possible to create a completely separate theme.

Opera themes

Opera themes integrated into the browser

Themes were introduced only with the 18th version of the browser, which was released in November, 2013. As a rule, already prefabricated Themes for Opera online can download, but you can also easily create your own themes. Where can just download these new Opera dresses and how they are integrated into the browser, explains this short tutorial.

The system of Opera

Opera is can be used on systems running Windows XP (or newer), Mac OS X (10.7 or later) or a Linux distribution such as Debian, Ubuntu, openSuSe, RedHat or Fedora installed. The manufacturer indicates in addition that at least 512 MB RAM and 300 MB free hard disk space are required. It is also important that at least Opera 18 is used, because older versions of the browser Opera Themes do not yet support. Opera can be installed also on mobile devices, but not themes are here used.

Download and install themes

1st step: First of all, the Opera browser is started and this page is opened.

Opera Themes WebsiteStep 2: be directly varied images that recommended, with buttons, Top Rated, Popular and New also can be sorted differently on the site. When the user has found a theme that appeals to them, simply have to click on each image. Then a new page will appear.

Opera Themes selection

Step 3: Now, on the right button + add downloaded the theme to Opera and installed. The browser must now be restarted.

Insert Opera Themes

Step 4: After restarting, the browser on the Opera button menu opens, which is located in the upper left corner of the menu bar. Under the heading My Topics the desired theme can now be selected. The theme is then immediately visible on the home page.

Opera Themes installed

Step 5: The same menu also create your theme is selected. Here you can create your own Opera themes with just a few clicks and a background image. Those who intend to put the self-designed theme and other users are available, must pay attention to the respective copyright of the image.

Create Opera Themes