This GTA 4 Cheats must know!

This GTA 4 Cheats must know!

What would be Grand Theft Auto without cheats? In the fourth part there’s lots of it. Now more about the GTA 4 Cheats learn and try it! Normally cheat functions are programmed for testing for the development phase. But in the case of GTA it seems likely that the possibility was to cheat intentionally installed by the Scottish games developer Rockstar North. In previous versions of GTA, GTA III and GTA II extensive cheats have made the rounds – more health, more guns, more money could you look erschummeln.

Enter GTA 4 Cheats on Nikos phone

Of course, there are 4 cheats that make the game more interesting for old hands for GTA. For curious beginners become: Here’s the GTA 4 download. Finally, the fourth part of the popular, almost legendary computer game that combines elements of action games, third-person shooters and racing games, already a few years old. Unlike the GTA 3 Cheats GTA are not easily integrated 4 cheat codes by codes from the keyboard, but on certain phone numbers that can be in the mobile phone of Nikolai “Niko” Bellic, the main character, typing. The numbers that you should know in order to bring new life to the game, are described below. The cheats work on both PC and on Xbox 360 and PS3. A small note but already in advance: Who would like to end 4 100 percent GTA should be careful because some cheats prevent it.

Cheats for the fourth part of GTA at a glance

482-555-0100 – Full health and weapons GTA 4 Cheats Who had to suffer too much in the action game, but still want to play on, can achieve full health and weapons with this phone call. 362-555-0100 – Full Health and Armor GTA 4 Cheats Full health and armor The full armor plus health is obtained with this GTA 4 Cheat – ideal if you plan to be a gangster the next big thing. However, here again the Note: The game can not 100 percent finished with this score afterwards. 486-555-0100 – Better weapons GTA 4 Cheats Better Weapons The GTA 4 Cheat for all who want more weapons, such as grenades, pistol, MP5, sniper rifle or a baseball bat for a purpose. 486-555-0150 – Simple weapons GTA 4 Cheats Simple weapons A weapons-size smaller goes. This phone call is obtained knives, Molotov, the gun, the pump-action, the small SMG, the assault rifle, the sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Changing Weather – 468-555-0100 GTA 4 Cheats weather change There may well be situations where even this call is worthwhile. Wanted lower level to zero – 267-555-0100 reduce GTA 4 Cheats Wanted level to zero If life is to be a little more relaxed. But beware: The goal is no longer 100 percent can be achieved by this call. 267-555-0150 – Increase Wanted Level increase GTA 4 Cheats Wanted Level Conversely, is also possible. For adrenaline junkies, so to speak … This major GTA are likely to be 4 cheat codes, with which one can give the game new twists. Try it out! maybe if that n ranges: More Phone cheats you can see in the video below.