BJSp - Bundesjugendspiele supports teachers in the management of services at the Federal Youth Games in track and field. The shareware recorded the results of the students evaluated their results and helps in the production of documents or evaluations. The services in BJSp - Bundesjugendspiele can be sorted, selected and evaluated graphically by different criteria such as race, class, team, gender, vintage items or documents. Thus, the respective school, class, Riegen- and annual best can be determined and included in a continuous school record list among others. The program also provides data for reporting to the school authorities. If a school has captured the students master data already on a PC, users can use this to BJSp - import Bundesjugendspiele, eliminating the need for manual input. Also you can assign a self-determining to staff the classes, so the benefits are automatically graded. It is also possible to review in accordance with the DOSB sports badge status in 2014, including printing the appropriate Einzelprüfkarte. BJSp - Bundesjugendspiele scores with an easy to understand user interface. All data can be passed to any word processor or spreadsheet. Also, the output directly to HTML is possible if the results are to be published, for example, on the school's website. At a round thing, the wizard is a set of graphical reports and statistics which illustrate the sporting performances visually.

Limitations of BJSp - Bundesjugendspiele

Print function restricted. Reminders at startup.