By 2008, the program was most important prerequisite for the use of the online store Sony Connect. The store no longer exists - but the music tool is still there. Of the SonicStage Download still performs the functions of a media player, which is good also to manage the music collection.

SonicStage Download to manage and play music

Free audio player software, there are now a dime a dozen. That older media player, such as the SonicStage download are not on everyone's lips is therefore hardly surprising. So the player was not further developed in recent years, yet he was able to stand out so far from the crowd. Nevertheless, he is a solid helper when it comes to playback songs and eliminate the chaos in the music collection. Who wants to burn CDs, will not be disappointed by the music software.

SonicStage Download

Audio player was part of the Sony Music Store

The music player developed by Sony and originally established as part of Sony's music stores Connect. Thus, the audio player condition in order to be able to play back the acquired in the online store music. In 2008, the store was, however, set -so seemed probably to exist no longer interested in the further development of the player.

SonicStage holds no surprises

By downloading SonicStage, the user gets to a little in the older music management tool on the PC, but the functionality is quite passable. The administration's own music is easy with the help and succeed effortlessly. For less experienced users the possibility is interesting that can be chosen at the surface between two modes. Who is overwhelmed with too much information, simply takes the reduced version. The normal mode, however, displays the entire range of information.

Download SonicStage surface

Music manager ensures order in the chaos Music

The Music Manager gives users the opportunity collected in a library to arrange his music. For this purpose, music files and folders from all media, are also imported from audio CDs. In addition, the administrator is able to scour the hard drive for audio files and add them to the collection. For order to categorize the songs by genre, artist and reviews that you yourself assigned to the piece makes. If required, CDs can be burned. To play music files a click of the mouse.

SonicStage Download CD

With the SonicStage download the following audio formats can be arranged and played:

  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • 3GP
  • MP4
  • M4A
  • ATRACThe program also supports importing to other devices. Thus favorite songs can also easily drag on the smart phone or a USB flash drive. Pass Abler audio player and manager As already hinted, nothing was done to SonicStage for some time. Therefore, innovative features and a modern, attractive user interface missing. In addition, have been available since the end of the Sony Stores many areas broke even within the software because they are no longer needed. Who can ignore it, but find the basic functions such as play music, organize, import files and burn here.