When * Reaper Download ** is a full-blown sequencer for audio and MIDI tracks. The number of tracks is limited only by the built-in system memory. The sequencer processed music files in WAV, OGG and MIDI.

The Reaper download provides audio professionals with a mixer

Each channel controls for volume, pan, envelope and FX are available in Reaper, and an automation of the corresponding parameters is possible. In this way you can program with REAPER dynamic mixtures and effect profiles, and automate professional mix. Plug-ins (VST, DirectX, Jesus Sonic) can greatly expand the range of functions also. A number of interesting VST plugin DownloadsVST plugin downloads, we have put together here by the way. REAPER supports ASIO4All and Kernel Streaming, DirectSound and WaveOut. Also ReWire for coupling multiple audio applications is integrated, so can be Reason, FruityLoops, Orion, ACID & integrate Co. directly into Reaper. From version 3.0 Reaper also supports multi-channel mix for blends with more than two channels in surround mode. The sequencer works with the native 64-bit, which means in plain text headroom without end. Who can do anything with this information, they do not need the way.

Reaper download

REAPER brings a full-fledged recording studio with great features and many interfaces to current audio standards on the home PC. With state of the art tools such as Cubase or Logic can not quite keep up, but what the difference in price should be well justified. REAPER can be used as a freeware, but is actually a charge.

Limitations of Reaper

60 days full functionality with subsequent registration reminder. Reaper is not freeware, even if it may be so used. The license costs $ 60 for individuals.