PONS online dictionary

PONS online dictionary

Of the PONS online dictionary download Pons is a win app users in Windows 8 and 10 in the translation of foreign-language terms to help. The free app translates words between twelve world languages ​​back and forth.

PONS online dictionary download with material from 30 PONS dictionaries

PONS online dictionary supports both German and English other languages ​​such as Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish and Italian. The freeware can draw on material from more than 30 PONS dictionaries. The direction of translation or language can be changed quickly and easily by pull-down menus at any time. In addition to the term in the other language, the Win App displays the corresponding phonetic transcription and Web site links to online translator and online vocabulary trainer from PONS.

With the free PONS online dictionary users have access to a handy dictionary directly from the home screen of Windows 8 from. Practical: The freeware integrated for fast translations directly in the Charms bar of the operating system.

In PONS online dictionary integrated languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Latin, Russian, Turkish, Slovenian and Polish.

PONS online dictionary download

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