With the MyPaint download be self-Stick Figure dyslexic at the creative professional. The free brush miracle brings a very wide range of hands-free tools with and also scores with sophisticated features.

MyPaint Download with many brush templates and tools

The program interface reveals nothing simple at first glance. A white area invites you to get started right: select tool tip, fill screen. These are a long bar more or less intuitive utilities that are organized into meaningful categories. In addition, shifting the own favorite tools easily with the mouse in the area favorites - saving the recurring fumble after "Brush the other day", In addition to play a more brush templates or create your own. Besides MyPaint scores with many undo steps. So one has ten steps before a little wasted, so the action can be undone with a few clicks.

In addition MyPaint supports layers and offers here is another goodie: Merging and blending of levels. MyPaint makes a really good figure when it comes to creative graphic spells. The operation can sometimes something to be desired, but that brings the freeware with the nice functionality quickly back out.

MyPaint download