With the Bingo PC Game Download brings you the popular parlor game to his home. The simple program handles the draw after the random principle and provides the game tickets.

Spielturnire organize the bingo PC Game Download

Under the wide range of digital happiness & Card games, there is hardly a game that so much linked to the randomly with his own ambition. After downloading bingo PC game players have everything together needed for the rapid game. The virtual game accessories can be installed on the operating systems Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8th In addition, speakers are connected, the sound of the program helps in creating an authentic atmosphere. The program installs quickly, then the number search can start immediately!

lucky & Card game with great fun factor

The popular game has been developed in its original form before almost five hundred years in Italy and has since conquered the world. In large halls and Internet game rooms, young and old gather and wait captured on the drawing of numbers. The gameplay is quite simple, but requires some attention. A caller draws every 10 to 15 seconds, a bingo ball. It gives the game principles "25 of 75", "15 90" and "25 100".

Bingo PC Game Download

Each player receives playing cards on which number squares are displayed. These follow a particular system. Thus, the classical "25. 75" game, the number of rows designated by the letters B-I-N-G-O and each contain only numbers 1 to 15 in B, 16 to 30 at I and so on. The combinations of numbers are randomly selected. The challenge of any player is to find the proclaimed number on his ticket and mark. Give the highlighted fields below a predetermined pattern is loud Bingo! called. This corresponds to the truth, there is a reward. Was the caller too hasty, usually a fun task must be fulfilled.

Bingo PC game brings callers and lottery tickets with

The Bingo Game Download PC has both the above caller and the game tickets in the luggage. With nostalgic program interface and matching soundtrack the numbers tool draws at random. Each drawing takes ten seconds, and leaves little time to find the number. In the free version only the "25 100" Drawing is possible and the game tickets are provided only after the registration fee. Entertaining game for large rounds The bingo game for the computer has a spontaneous and interactive entertainment. It takes over the drawing of numbers, leaving the search individual players. Neither the age nor the number of players is limited. These freedoms make the board game the ideal entertainment in family circles.

Limitations of bingo PC Game

The trial version does not print lottery tickets and offers only one of three bingo variants.