In Simutrans, the player embarks on the trail of the legendary Sid Meier title Railroad Tycoon, and Transport Tycoon by Chris Sawyer. By a skilful and effective directing the movement of goods and passenger flows to increase in the free economic simulation gradually to the powerful transport mogul.

With the Simutrans Download the game classic is revived

Here, Simutrans oriented both visually and technically very closely to the classical models, which should facilitate the players big brothers Railroad Tycoon, and Transport Tycoon entry significantly. Gradually you build in an isometric landscape not only route networks of different means of transport such as rail or truck, but uses rivers or canals for shipping.

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The associated infrastructure such as factories and natural resources are among the tasks of the player in Simutrans. How do the transport routes and these are optimally developed and used as far as possible, otherwise the path turns into a tycoon may still long and difficult ... In Simutrans the player tries to become the wealthy and successful economic magnates and uses as a transport tycoon transport routes road, rail, air and water. The graphics are now antiquated, but the game of the classic fascination remains.