Universal Viewer Pro offers itself as a universal viewer for documents and multimedia player. The shareware supports more than 170 audio and video formats as well as many types of documents such as PDF, DOC, HTML or XLS. Universal Viewer Pro embeds itself in the context menu of Windows Explorer. Of text over video to image files of all kinds Universal Viewer Pro displays. Compared to the free Universal Viewer shareware Office documents and PDFs opens itself on computers without Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader. next to popular image formats the built-in Universal Viewer Pro viewer for photos also supports popular RAW format. In the field of video multimedia specialist controls the playback of AVI, MPG, MP4, as well as the playing of Flash and MKV videos. Music lovers will enjoy the support of MP3 and other audio standards. Universal Viewer Pro features over the free version is a real plus in comfort. The viewer or multimedia player supports even more formats and does not even require for the other programs are installed. Compatibility with plugins Total Commander also deserve praise.

Limitations of Universal Viewer Pro

The trial version is fully functional 15 days.