Tutorial and Vocabulary MemoStep6

The multimedia vocabulary trainer "MemoStep6" based on the five-subject learning card. The built in tutorial spell check in five languages ​​ensures error-free entries, the formatting options for a concise text. Since version 1.2, there is quick access to online dictionaries and conjugation tables and an integrated Web search for example sentences, images and encyclopedias entries. Apart from text multimedia elements such as audio files, images and videos can be accommodated on the flashcards. In mode slide show, the vocabulary first be learned before they are interrogated. Before exams in certain subjects or lessons can be repeated regardless of the level within the flash cards or learning be restricted to areas that simply do not want to memorize and have already been answered umpteen times wrong. The flashcards can be saved as a PDF file and printed. the creation of multiple-choice questions has been optimized in the new version. Who travels a lot or learn in summer prefer the beach, you can install the mobile vocabulary trainer MemoStep6-mobile on Pocket PCs such as PDA, XDA, MDA or mobile phone and share the multimedia learning units between computer and mobile device.

Limitations of tutorial and Vocabulary MemoStep6

In the free version 1 users and 150 flashcards can be entered or imported.