at Unitymedia disorders the AlleStörungen Download proves to be a friend in need. Unitymedia customers experience here valuable information on outages and maintenance work and get real-time analysis of the current network quality. We show you how to quickly recognize Unitymedia disorders and can judge better how long it will take until the line is working again. learn more now!

Unitymedia failures of cable TV, Internet and phone

In the Unity Media GmbH is a cable operator based in Cologne, which was created by the merger of iesy, ish and Tele Columbus West. Unitymedia has now more than 12 million customers in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia in cable television, telephone and Internet. Since 2012 Unity Media also offers mobile that leverage the network of O2.

Unitymedia disordersWhat to do with Unity Media faults and failures?

If the Internet is too slow, TV stations have failed or are underway at phone radio silence, customers can access fault helper for Unitymedia. This promises to solve the problem yourself and show a simple solution for most Unitymedia problems. The user enters among them is his login information for the customer, so that the disorder assistants provide support and can be equal to check the connection online.

Unitymedia disorders fault helperThe Unity Media disorder assistants checked the connection online problems.

Unitymedia does not work: what to do?

A disturbance summary presents current Unitymedia outages and maintenance. According Unitymedia working at COAX-fiber network usually take between 0 and 6 pm at night to affect customers as little as possible. All known and also the already dissolved disorders are listed. Who would like to report a new Unitymedia disorder, uses the Unity Media Service by calling 0221-46619100, Monday to Friday from 8 to 22 o'clock and 8 can be reached on Saturday to 20 AM. As an alternative to telephone contact fill customers from a fault report form.

Unitymedia malfunctions occur overviewThe disturbance summary with information about current Unitymedia failures and maintenance

Report Unitymedia disorders and watch

A step goes beyond the Web App AlleStörungen. This Unity Media shows faults and maintenance work of the last 24 hours in a graph, so to see at a glance what extent have the failures and how many customers are affected. Is also seen to it is what kind of disorder primarily and from which cities most error messages come. Thus, the scope, nature and duration of current Unitymedia problems can better assess. Disruption of certain services or total failures can be reported, so that other users will benefit from the information.

AlleStörungen Unitymedia disordersThe WebApp shows the frequency of Unitymedia disturbances in the past 24 hours.

Live Disorder map with an overview of regional problems and maintenance

An overview shows the already solved problems. Informative is also the live clutter map from which you can see quite well, in which regions the losses pile up. Quite informative for customers suffering plagued other users comments on AlleStörungen and the opportunity to interact with it using the current Unitymedia problems.

Unitymedia disorders: The contact with the hotline

For those who prefer the direct line to customer service, reached with questions about Unitymedia disorders support by calling 0221-46619100. The Unity Media Support is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 22:00 and Saturday from 8 to 20.