OMSI – The Omnibus Simulator

OMSI – The Omnibus Simulator

OMSI – The Omnibus Simulator puts the player behind the wheel of a bus in West Berlin in the late 80s. In the role of the bus driver controlling detail simulated MAN biplane Berlin bus line 92 across the district Spandau.

Omnibus Simulator OMSI download for fans of traffic simulations

OMSI – The Omnibus Simulator Bus simulation and virtual journey through time in a. In remarkably realistic 3D replicas of the double-decker buses SD200 and SD202 drive along the bus route 92 along the historic bus in Spandau past the wall and the historically correct city canyons of Berlin. The buses in the bus Simulator OMSI download remind the original models in terms of operating range and driveability. The attention to detail modeled transmission control, the physical simulation of the compressed air system as well as the fully functional IBIS (Integrated Board Information System) and soundscape elaborately created ensure a high degree of realism.

Omnibus Simulator OMSI Download

Entertaining coaches in Berlin

The 3D world outside the bus brought the Omnibus Simulator OMSI Download to virtual life. The dense traffic of West Berlin, four selectable perspectives and many other animated objects provide entertaining bus rides. A built-in map editor and realistic day, night and weather effects complete the bus simulation.

On the road in double-decker of the Berlin public transport

The player operates in the traffic simulation as a driver of a MAN double decker bus the Berlin public transport. For Berlin Kenner: routes the line are according to the manufacturer 92/137 and the leg 92E between Falkensee / Freud street and highway Stadtgrenze / Hahneberg, 5 / 5E / 5N / 130 / N30 between Nervenklinik and subway station resting life and a part of 13N / N33 between the final stops Heerstra├če city limits / Hahneberg and underground station Rathaus Spandau.

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Omnibus Simulator OMSI download time travel

The Omnibus Simulator contains a map and track editor

The bus simulation is not limited solely on driving. Even the ticket sales is simulated faithfully. A map and track editor gives creative users the ability to to create your own cards and lines of any extension for OMSI and make. Here, the dedicated range of farmer relies on a well-equipped object database and can take new objects in attack. Thus, for example, own bus models in the game import. There is even an official OMSI forum exchange in which players their experiences and publish or download created buses and cards. Further simulations are available in our software catalog for free download. Real driving pleasure for bus friends OMSI – The Omnibus Simulator can be struck with a realistic driving experience not only the heart of bus fans higher. The lovingly designed bus simulation can simultaneously digitally resurrect the world of West Berlin shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall and takes the viewer on a journey into the 80s. Praiseworthy are detailed replicas of the vehicles and the traffic environment quite realistic with the time of day changing traffic density and day / night cycles.