Noom Coach 2023

Noom Coach

the free Noom app advertises with the slogan “Lose weight without going crazy” and followed exactly this goal. The app combines healthy eating with physical activity to lead its users sustainably to your desired weight. In addition to a personal weight loss plan, the Android app brings a food diary, a sports coach, including record of the activities as well as a progress bar, diagrams and additional information. For motivation also a leveling system and the community provides.

Noom app is committed to sustainable, healthy weight loss

Tired of starvation diets, yo-yo effect and unrealistic promises? Who does not want to give up but the dream of ideal weight, get an Android application that completely avoids utopia with the Noom Coach. The weight-loss app combines sports activities and healthy eating, which immediately leaves a sincere and trustworthy impression. In order to achieve personal goals the application provides many useful functions. All the user needs is the will and perseverance.

Noom app

Individual weight-loss program in Noom Coach

Noom is the Android application downloaded and installed, the mobile coach as the new companion of the user is. First, the app personal information such as height, weight, age and gender are entered. Then the user can specify desired weight and a difficulty. This allows the user to decide if he strikes a soft Removable and sports program or whether he wants to “torment” in a stricter diet with harder sports destinations. The harder the difficulty, the faster you get of course the bikini figure.

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Food diary app counts calories

Is the dream weight noted the Android app calculates the daily calorie budget. From now on, every dish can be recorded exactly, then the coach gives feedback via traffic light system. In addition, the user is provided with information in terms of diet, calories, ingredients and nutritional values ​​to get an awareness of his meals. This is supported by charts that reflect the weight loss and waist circumference.

Noom app sports coach

eat & Drinking App with sports coach

Noom that the app is not a pure calorie counter, but an all-around weight-loss package that shows the integrated sports coach. As with other sports apps can let tracken each activity. The app displays calories burned and automatically calculates the available budget calories new. As an additional motivation pedometer Noom Walk, which records all movements and shows that even small activities have effects used. Furthermore, the exchange with the community and the intelligent level reward system bring additional motivation. Each service provided is rewarded with Noom points and the user increases the level ladder steadily upward.