With the Sport Bowling Winner Download organize organized in associations Sportkegler the games for various leagues. These features, the Shareware for senior citizens, women's and men's teams as well as for youth teams of both sexes.

Sport Bowling Winner download as an organizer for sporty bowling

Sport Bowling League Winner accounted for match days separated all results of club teams and calculated on this basis, the respective current table. The panel next to the overall state of the Home and Away Tables and also calculates so-called cutting lists. Also relevant data about the participating clubs and teams offers Sport Bowling League Winner adequate space.

Sport Bowling Winner Download

Including contact the referee and director

Corresponding master data such as addresses and venues, names of contacts and club officials, the league manager recognized as contact the referee and director. Rounding Sport Bowling League Winner by the mail delivery of all lists directly from within the program. Alternative bringing the statements by desktop printers to paper.

Limitations of Sport Bowling League Winner

Functionally limited trial