Ashampoo Firewall FREE

Ashampoo Firewall Free blocks unauthorized access to and from the Internet. The freeware offers compared to the Windows solution is primarily an improved management interface. When building an unwanted data stream the freeware firewall proposes first alarm. Now users are choosing by clicking itself whether to authorize the connection or not. So the fire wall itself blocked connections from malicious program that has succeeded in spite of security software on the PC and so that your own computer into a zombie PC is prevented. Feature Overview: • Easy Mode / Expert Mode • Easy: One-click firewall protection for everyone • Expert: Enables additional functions when they are needed • The Configuration Wizard guides you • Low resource consumption • In Learning mode through the entire setup process applications recognized that access to the Internet • the panic button blocks the active Internet connection with a single click • Detailed log lists all connections • Four additional security tools on board for current Windows versions, the free Ashampoo firewall is not capable of bringing it they comfort in more detail in the management of incoming and outgoing web connection on Windows 2000 and XP.