With the HOAI detail Download Create and check both architects and engineers as well as contracting in the construction sector accounts based on Excel.

Fees for architects to develop the HOAI detail Download

The freeware down to the fee-for-service and includes rating scales of the most important comments. Specifically, these are punch / Köble / Frik, Korbion / Mantscheff / Vygen and Pott / Dahl Hoff / Kniffka and the updated and revised Oehms table. Moreover HOAI detail created each Applied detailed formula which is useful for checking the correct amounts at the end of the fee calculation.

HOAI detail Download

Royalty Statement for builders understand

So the client can understand the amount invoiced including its calculation method. Conversely HOAI detail reduced in this way that a supposedly not verifiable fee billing moniert and their settling is delayed.

Limitations of HOAI detail

Supports fees to 100,000 EUR. For higher fees, the Pro version is required.