simply incoming read aloud WhatsApp messages? Thanks to this ingenious app users can have incoming chats announce directly. There all the facts and tips about this handy tool!

After the free download of Talking WhatsApp app users can expand the popular Messenger is a useful and still sorely missed function. WhatsApp is currently the most widely used Messenger. With over one billion users and 42 billion sent and received messages of the free service is one of the mobile apps that can be found almost on every smartphone. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption early 2016 operated by Facebook Messenger has once again made a huge leap forward and competitors like threema referred to the courts. Despite numerous new features to help developers on a regular basis, users enjoy: A read-aloud function is currently still missing.

read aloud comfortably WhatsApp messages

Here the Talking WhatsApp app closes the gaping gap. One is currently traveling in the car or has no hand free for other reasons, the read-aloud function can be activated and you will always be up to date. The app also makes it possible to define for individual contacts, whether the incoming messages to be read aloud or not. In addition, groups can be created or nicknames for contacts will be awarded. The voice acting is understood to be very good, although you may have to get used to just voice and pronunciation. Who would like to respond to a message read aloud, but the need to open WhatsApp and tap as usual. With the free tool is users can read only WhatsApp messages really, it's not a language assistant Siri as Cortana and Google Okay. Another smear - which should, however, be bearable - to accept user. The application has currently only have an English-language user interface.

read aloud WhatsApp messagesWith the app you can have it read WhatsApp messages.

Further useful tool for WhatsApp

One can read aloud not only WhatsApp messages, however; There are a number of apps and tools that extend the functionality of the Messengers. Of particular interest is the download of the app Notifly. With their incoming messages, not only for WhatsApp, but for all common messenger in small bubbles appear. This may open even when running applications or on the lock screen, read and answered directly. The free, but ad-supported version of the ingenious tools can be converted via in-app purchase in a premium version without advertising.

Also highly recommended is the download of Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp, deleted the unnecessary images or Memes with few clicks and space is freed up on the smartphone.

read aloud WhatsApp messages and clean upThe Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp cleans up the memory of the smartphone.