With the POIbase download bring Windows users its navigation system new points of interest and many interesting and useful additional information at. The freeware dubbed so-called POI content ("Points of Interest") Such as LPG filling stations or camping on all current navigation systems.

POIbase download shows interest in Europe

POIbase works as a free synchronization software between Navi and PC. When connected to a navigation device, freeware selected POI transmits user specified from the PC to the driving assistant. Although many navigation systems already have POIs innately on board, enriched POIbase the driving assistants with additional attractions and places of interest not only in Germany but throughout Europe.

POIbase download

POIbase supported Navis and smartphones

there the freeware with the navigation systems of common manufacturers can cope. Who wants to check if his navigation system is actually supported, can retrieve the entire list of devices on the manufacturer’s website. Smartphones can be enriched with the POI.

POIbase database of 2,200 categories

The massive online POI database consists of more than one million POI in 2,200 categories and opens up new possibilities completely. Users can, for example, the cheapest gas stations, the nearest ATM, the nearby RV park or a natural gas filling station nearby Show – or the Navi announces mobile and stationary speed cameras. Among other things, it has the POIbase Download also information about bridge heights, a travel and camping guide to the most beautiful destinations in Germany and Europe, always in view. Also useful are the information about the current fuel prices, including biofuels and LPG as well as parcel shops and the emergency service pharmacies, including the opening times. The majority of the POI is free, but some of the premium content is chargeable. The following is an overview of the popular free POIs:

  • fuel types & Gas station Overview
  • Camping and caravan sites
  • PaketShops
  • Medical supplies
  • Fast Food, Cafe & snack
  • discounter
  • ATMs
  • leisure
  • parking

POIbase Download Edit

Replace POI on POIbase with other users

POIbase has approximately one million registered users a very extensive network throughout Europe. Whoever discovers new Blitzer, restaurant tips, or attractions worth visiting, can do quickly and easily accessible and vice versa benefit from their experience, these tips and information to other users. Especially in the mutual exchange of information, POI content and favorite is the big plus of POIbase. Those looking for more free tools for motorists and Navis will find it in our extensive download offer.