Of the Digital Color Atlas Download shows interesting color compositions and color harmonies for about 200 color systems from practice.

identify colors and check with the digital color atlas download

Thus, the user experiences such as which RGB / CMYK values ​​in a specific RAL / HKS / Caparol / has Orafol color. He can compare with this software more than 200 color systems and consider what colors suit any default color.

With the Digital Color Atlas can also determine complementary colors and variations in brightness and saturation, and color transitions - even within color systems (for example, RAL, HKS). The program does not expect as usual with HSB / HSL color values, but in the CIELAB color space. This corresponds to our sense far better. In other words, the calculated color comparisons are very accurate, the harmonies we perceive as very harmonious.

Digital Color Atlas Download

Limitations of Digital Color Atlas

Number of available colors