install WhatsSpy - how it is done

install WhatsSpy – how it is done

get with a tool to access data of all WhatsApper? That goes with WhatsSpy Public. now learn how to install WhatsSpy can!

WhatsApp that in matters of data protection and privacy is anything but exemplary, many users was already clear. But Maikel Zweerink has proven application with its Web that WhatsApp has a huge leak in its system. Thus, with the WhatsSpy Public download all data from WhatsApp users spy. This works regardless of which private privacy settings you have made. Who wants to be convinced of the skill itself and use the tracking tool, however, should bring some programming basics. We show how to install WhatsSpy and what is needed for it. install WhatsSpyinstall WhatsSpy – this is how it made! (Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

Requirements to install WhatsSpy

To bring the tracking application up and running, some system requirements are necessary. For one, users should have a computer with any Web server and PHP and PostgreSQL. In addition, the CLI should (command line interpreter) for PHP and one of the free programs TMux, screen or Git and are available. Although the developers talk of Rasperry PI is sufficient, any PC with just mentioned programs.

Requirements for the Smartphone

A greater challenge is the need for an unused phone number with which you are not logged in WhatsApp. This should also be able to receive SMS. A solution to the problem are pre-paid SIM cards that you can buy for a few euros. Why a new number? It’s for his own protection in order to escape a possible revocation of their own number by WhatsApp. In addition, users should be before it can install WhatsSpy that rooting Android smartphone. In the case of iOS jailbreak is required.

Step by step installation of WhatsSpy

Users who have taken all precautions, can now follow the steps below to set up WhatsSpy Public.

1&# 46; Step: First, the repository that was provided as a ZIP file must be downloaded. For this, simply follow the link in the first paragraph to WhatsSpy Public. The file must be unpacked on the server, for example in the Web Directory / / are stored whatsspy. For users who use nginx, it looks like this: / var / www /.

2&# 46; Step: Next, the user in the PostgreSQL database logs on root to create a new database and a user for the spy. In the guidance of the developer is not quite clear whether one can leave the password blank. It is not so. install PostgreSQL WhatsSpy(Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

3&# 46; Step: Now the database is filled with structure. For this, open the api / whatsspy-db.sql. There, the SQL commands can be executed. To place the statements in the proper database, the user can use the following commands: Install Command WhatsSpy(Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

4&# 46; Step: This step is crucial, because now it comes to register the new WhatsApp account for the spy. is useful at this point a script from the unofficial API WhatsApp. install WhatsSpy WhatAPI(Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

5&# 46; Step: When asked for the cell phone number, the new number of the SIM card is now entered. Here please note that standing at the beginning zeros are omitted. From a number 0153- … is so … 49153. What is called in the Carrier, seems irrelevant. should be answered with SMS to the question “Voice” or “SMS”.

6&# 46; Step: Then should arrive an SMS that contains a specific code that can shape this 456789 or this be 456-789. It is important that the code without special characters is registered as a pure number sequence, otherwise it does not work. A second code request takes a long time.

7&# 46; Step: Now the user will receive the corresponding number of new WhatsApp password. This needs to be communicated to top it all of WhatsSpy.

8th&# 46; Step: To install WhatsSpy, the PostgreSQL password must be included in the following code. There, the new number must also be specified (again without zeros) and the login information. WhatsSpy install Rename(Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

9&# 46; Step: Are all the necessary information is entered, the user can move on to testing. Whether a connection with the tracking tool is set up, you can tracker.php gegenchecken with php. Maybe this error messages appear, which can be safely ignored. Are messages here, saying that _0_Telefonnummern be tracked, everything is ok. This shows there is a connection.

10&# 46; Step: Finally, now even the Web server must be configured. Here the password protection is important htpasswd. As the configuration in detail looks depends on the server. Apache might look like this: WhatsSpy install Apache(Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

If it worked and WhatsSpy has been installed, it can be established easily. Is the front end of the tracker available, the data of all users can now be checked. The only prerequisite is the phone number of the user.