Opera Backup creates without much effort fuses the data of users of the Norwegian browser. The backup helper protects them on request with a 256 bit AES encryption from being accessed by unauthorized persons. In addition, Opera Backup operates conveniently across platforms and also controls storage media such as FTP drives, their own Dropbox storage and USB sticks and lay there at the request automatically restoring backups. Even a portable version of the browser based on the stationary version can be created with the demo. In this way the data safely facilitate the relocation of the user data such as bookmarks and other personal settings from one computer to another considerably. Furthermore, Opera Backup brings its own Explorer for the records on the computer. This helper scoured the backed up data with a mouse click and thus helps to exclude unneeded Opera data from a recovery.

Limitations of Opera Backup

The trial runs for three days and requires a free activation code of the manufacturer.