SmartScreen is to recognize and block out malicious files before downloading. But this security feature is not without controversy. So can the disable SmartScreen!

SmartScreen disable only recommended for known software

Microsoft has turned up the security screw with its latest version of Windows. As a rule, Internet users have an antivirus program that is responsible for the defense of malicious code. These tools scan downloaded files but usually only after they have landed on the hard disk.

If the virus has no heuristic, it recognizes only malware that is known to the database. The 8 Download Windows built-in SmartScreen Software would like to close this gap and build an additional protective wall around the user around.

If the user wants to download something, the safety program requests information on this at Microsoft servers to this file. Here is stored, whether the software is digitally signed and how many times it has been downloaded. This Microsoft derives the reputation and closes on the trustworthiness. If the security shield no concern, there is the file to download. In potentially harmful software, a warning is issued.

Spying SmartScreen off the computer?

This meaningful in itself feature is under fire from privacy advocates. Microsoft could information about installed programs, and also gather, the doubters. The software maker insists that no information is collected or shared. but that does not reassure everyone. Who is not familiar with this statement can disable a few clicks SmartScreen.

off SmartScreen

The following steps SmartScreen is disabled in Windows 8:

  • First, (if not already done) with the Windows key switches to the desktop view and call with Ctrl + E the Explorer called.

  • Now it goes to computer and Open Control Panel.disable SmartScreen

  • Now in the search box (top right) "SmartScreen" entered and the search results Change SmartScreen Settings clicked.

  • Then you have the left bar again to Change Windows SmartScreen settings go.

  • Here is the option No action (Windows SmartScreen disable) and reacted with OKbestätigt.SmartScreen disable Windows 8

The SmartScreen feature is now disabled. Hence the concerns about privacy should be allayed.

SmartScreen disabled: If the computer is unsafe?

One may wonder whether the computer is now uncertain. On the one hand it must be emphasized that with SmartScreen definitely a safety mechanism was created in Windows 8th but you have to consider differentiated him.

The security classification would occur only after vague criteria such as downloads of a program. In addition, a digital signature is used as an additional criterion. Many software developers (especially the open source programs) could have the expensive examination procedure not afford and thus fall back into the assessment. And for no reason: Small programs often provide irreplaceable services and are harmful in any way.

Who wants to disable the Windows 8 SmartScreen should definitely provide additional safety measures. The best protection against real dangers still offer a current Antivirus software and the installation of new security updates for Windows.