Who a 0180 Replacement number examines experiences in the following how he avoids expensive payment numbers and instead can use the same service to fixed rates. We reveal how this works!

Using 0180 replacement number and save costs!

The telephone service for many companies today is handled via a 0180 number instead of a traditional fixed-network number. However, calls to 0180 numbers are unfortunately relatively expensive, so you have to add substantial costs into its own digital home book at the special numbers. But it is also cheaper because behind most 0180 numbers normal landline numbers stuck on which the service number is brought up. These give the companies understandably price a little too keen.

0180 Replacement numberFor 0180 replacement number, and save money! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

0180 telephone book as a smart platform for bargain hunters

The 0180 numbers are therefore usually redirected to ordinary phone numbers that you could also call directly to the fixed network costs, unless they are known to the caller. Who cost-saving an overview of such "real" Numbers looking to bypass 0180 premiums clever, this place here. The 0180 phone book offers a smart platform for bargain hunters, can be entered on the 0180 numbers and matching spare numbers and retrieved.

List of spare numbers for hotlines with the prefix 0180

In this 0180 phone book is a well-stocked list of spare numbers for hotlines with the prefix 0180. The user simply enters the name of the company or the 0180 number he wants to call more favorable in the search field or have a look in the alphabetical list of companies and services.

0180 replacement numbers from Otto to Sky

An example: If you want to reach the Otto customer service, would have to pay on the hotline number 01806-303030 for the service. Instead, the Otto Kunde can but also call the landline number 040-36033012 and bypasses so clever the 0180 costs. In some cases, available as a 0180 replacement number rather than a landline number is also a free 0800 number available, which of course also like to conceal the company. an example here, too: If you want to reach the Sky sales hotline does not have to resort to the expensive hotline number 01802-001534, but can use as Sky Ersatznunmmer 0,800 to 5,510,000.

0180 Replacement number OttoFinding a replacement Otto 0180 number (Image: Screenshot Editor)

The 0180 phone book thrives on participation!

All information of www.0180.info are of course subject to change. They come from users of the web service and the provider can not guarantee their accuracy. The 0180 phone book thus depends on participation of users. Those who know a new replacement number that is not in the 0180.info database, it can here. are available on this page Recent changes in the data of the last 14 days.

Some companies prohibit the publication of the 0180 replacement numbers

Not all companies are understandably fond of the 0180 replacement number service. Some take even the big guns and have the publication of numbers prohibited in the 0180.info list. This includes according to the supplier companies ADAC, HUK, cable Germany and Tchibo. If new entries of firms reported that do not authorize the release of the replacement numbers, the messages of the community are ignored without further confirmation.

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