Finally! Mojang will allow users their Change Minecraft name can. Is it possible or still in the future? Here learn the details! The stone-on-stone game from Swedish developer Markus "Notch" Persson enjoys great popularity worldwide. If you missed the hype so far, but still wants to jump on the Minecraft train can download the latest version of Minecraft for free. Minecraft is constantly updated since its release in 2009 and improved. A function that is longed for in the community for a long time and hope for all Minecraftler with each update is that you can change its Minecraft name. Unfortunately, this feature is still just a wish - it but should not remain if we are to believe the manufacturer. Change Minecraft name

Change Minecraft name: Function is being planned

Mojang, the company Developer Persson, announced in April of last year (2014) that with the release of Minecraft 1.8 finally the opportunity will be given to change its name to Minecraft. Now the version 1.8 the function but is there not. However, there is hope that this feature will actually come yet. The only question is when. After all, Mojang has already laid with the update 1.7.6 first conditions for the implementation of the feature. With this release were in fact already been created by all users IDs. That is, the identification can now already be done about it, even if the name should someday be someone else. The ID should also protect existing name from theft. One small catch however, there are: This version is not compatible with the previous 1.7.5.

When can I change his name?

All users have now the release of version 1.8. feverishly. As this initial September 2014 came on the market, expectations were unfortunately disappointed: There were new raw materials such as polished granite and Prismarin to new mobs, like the cute rabbit, but the feature of being able to change its Minecraft name, did not materialize. Minecraft Name Change Support If the function is yet to come? Yes! The question of the tub, but no one can answer. Also on the support page of Mojang, the company remains silent. While it is confirmed that it is in the pipeline. But at the time of publication, they say: "We do not have a set release date for this feature.". Users who are unhappy with their name, because they might have voted for him without thinking, must therefore be patient indefinitely. Maybe hang the delays with the sale. So developer Markus Persson has sold his company Mojang and the Minecraft game in mid-September 2014 Microsoft.

If the name feature is there - what will change?

When the long-awaited feature is eventually finally here, changing the name in Minecraft to be easy. The gamers will have the opportunity to choose any name and to any number of times to change this - if the name is not already taken. Since the identification yes takes place with the ID, and the game and everything that goes with it is to be maintained. so it must not start again from scratch.