WhatsApp: Foreign contacts in the list?

WhatsApp: Foreign contacts in the list?

“Who’s that in my contact list?” – This question certainly have some faced before. if on WhatsApp foreign contacts show up, it does not mean that one has already seen partying too deeply into the glass and divided his number with the forgotten the next day Flirt. Much more has a very simple, other reason. And is related to the providers.

WhatsApp foreign contactsAre foreign contacts appeared in WhatsApp? There is a very simple background. (Photos: editorial)

If at WhatsApp foreign contacts irritate …

Suddenly appear in WhatsApp for Android or iPhone WhatsApp for duplicate names in the contact list – together with a never-before-seen face in profile image – or the number of an actually painted from memory friend is suddenly back. Or do you write to an old acquaintance and simply will not be recognized. And directly makes you wonder what’s going on or with whom you have because there again exchanged numbers.

the number is likely Traded some time ago times with a friend or acquaintance: easy. And he may become a new number that you may have even stored her along with the old number.

Old and new synchronization number assignment

WhatsApp synchronizes contacts namely with the contact list of the phone. Is now a previously saved there Contact got rid of his old number, which is awarded after a while usually to a new customer. And in turn, then suddenly appears in WhatsApp contact list.

It pays to go and look again whether such newly emerging contacts appear in the list. The profile picture you can unmask it as usually unknown. And if you know of the sudden emerged person that she is actually a staunch WhatsApp objectors, which may be an indication.

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WhatsApp foreign contacts settingsyou can prevent confusion, at least for another by changing its number in the case of a new phone number even with WhatsApp. This works on the settings.

Changes to even his number, can something so happen with other acquaintances, who then later find a new entry with the old number in their contact list. But you can this confusion of finding foreign contacts on WhatsApp, avoid entering from the front – by changes already associated with WhatsApp number in advance. The Messenger has integrated to the appropriate function the same. The steps are as follows:

  1. In the menu to call the settings.
  2. Find the entry account and there tap Change number – in fact even on the old phone. So also migrate all account information, groups and settings to the new number. Anyone who wants to re-download WhatsApp on a new phone that can do for us here. The app is linked in this article.

Change WhatsApp foreign contacts numberIn the corresponding screen under "account" the number can then change.

Allegedly sets WhatsApp also after 45 days unused user accounts back to be reactivated with a new phone. But according to various reports it works well not always. Therefore, one should even just go as described above to “play it safe”, so do not show up foreign contacts also with friends on WhatsApp.