WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus

Of the WhatsApp Plus Download is a tuned version WhatsApp for Android smartphones. The WhatsApp friend does so in addition to the familiar features such as chat, group chat, location transmission or voice messages, several additional options for customizing the popular Messengers and more megabytes for sending multimedia files at hand.

WhatsApp Plus Download with numerous additional features

The modified version of the Messengers expanded the original WhatsApp application to a number of interesting options. These range from themes and color schemes through to change the app icons themselves. The WhatsApp Plus Download provides, among others, the great advantage that up to 50 megabytes of files can be sent to the app. The standard Messenger, however, comes when sending pictures or video even at 12 megabytes on its limit.

WhatsApp Plus DownloadWhatsApp Plus Download: WhatsApp better! (Picture: WhatsApp Plus / Editorial)

send images in original size

Another advantage: The photos are sent via WhatsApp Plus on request in size and does not reduce the resolution and image quality, as is the case in the standard version. Users also fit after WhatsApp Plus Download the backgrounds in the chat and menu windows at will and change the text colors.

WhatsApp Plus Download ImagesWhatsApp Plus sent images on demand in original size (Picture: WhatsApp Plus / Editorial)

Change Layout, windows and writings

the WhatsAppler can be creative also active in the layout, font sizes, and the size of outgoing messages, the color of the start symbol as well as colors and size of the images in the chat and widgets. The contact photos can be displayed in the message window, either round or square. Furthermore, the modified version of WhatsApp disabled your fingertips various functions such as voice messages and animations.

700 stylish themes to choose from

Around 700 free themes are available, neatly sorted by Downloads, name, version, and date after WhatsApp Plus download. If the chat partner is also used WhatsApp Plus, the user has a variety of additional smileys available. however, it sends an unofficial emoticon to a user with classic WhatsApp, this appears as a question mark. the interaction between WhatsApp Plus and normal WhatsApp generally works but perfectly.

Online status hidden sent

WhatsApp Plus provides more privacy, allowing the user to change his online status at will. The own contacts therefore not see when and whether you are online or was. Only the last time is visible on which the own status was changed. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has touched up at this point and adds this coveted privacy setting in the official application.

WhatsApp Plus Download ThemesMany settings are available. (Picture: WhatsApp Plus / Editorial)

WhatsApp Plus is not an official extension

Who is active in a WhatsApp group receives often notifications in the status bar to the other users. Here WhatsApp Plus offers the ability to hide messages from individual contacts to further keep track. Before installing WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp must be uninstalled. WhatsApp Plus No official expansion and therefore no longer in the Google Play store. Behind the unofficial clone puts the developer "rafalense", Which claims a living in Holland Spaniard who keeps his true identity secret. Presumably, this is due to the use of the well-known brand name and the unclear legal situation. The developer has ceased further work on WhatsApp Plus after a complaint from WhatsApp. Numerous other Messenger & VoIP tools are available in our extensive download offer.

WhatsApp Plus Download IconSet WhatsApp colors as you desire (Picture: WhatsApp Plus / Editorial)

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