Boyfriend or girlfriend have again an incredibly beautiful profile picture on WhatsApp - and one would hold it most and store. It is working! You can Add WhatsApp profile pictures, even if it is not your own. So you have always on the device, even if the chat partner is wechselwütig again.

Add WhatsApp profile picturesWho wants to save WhatsApp profile images to have pictures of his friends on the device has several options - even about the Messenger itself. (Image: pixabay / Editorial)

So you can save your individual WhatsApp profile pictures

The Messenger even has a built-in feature to save WhatsApp profile pictures. And that too without compromising quality. Do you have the popular Messenger yet or needs a new version, you will find it here: There are, among others, both WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone for download. Here's how to save profile pictures:

  1. Opens WhatsApp.
  2. Is looking for you the contact whose profile picture'd like your store and selects this chat out.
  3. So that you come tapping at the top of the profile in the name of the contact.
  4. Tap on their profile picture to view it in full screen.
  5. Top right, you see the "Share" icon. Selects this.
  6. At the bottom of the screen is now a field with all options appear to share. Among other contacts, e-mail services and other messengers is somewhere "Save to Gallery" given the option. Selects them.

After a brief instructions in the screen center now you know that the image is saved in your gallery on the device. Usually it is a separate folder called "WhatsApp profile pictures" provided.

Add WhatsApp profile pictures on the MessengerAbout the Messenger profile pictures to individual contacts can be stored directly in the gallery. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

Multiple Profile Pictures: That's possible

Do you want to save all the same profile pictures of your contacts or at least several chosen at a stroke, you have a file manager to resort. The ES File Explorer APK lends itself to very good, but also work other tools.

  1. Starts the file manager of your choice in the root directory of the smartphone and seeks there the WhatsApp folder. Opens this.
  2. In this folder, subfolders "Profile Pictures" can be found in which all current profile pictures of your contacts are displayed.
  3. You can now select individual images by tapping your finger on it and keep a time on the screen long. Have you provided the first image with a check mark, you more pictures with a simple, quick tap can select.
  4. Now select the "Copy" function and returns to the main directory.
  5. There opens the "Pictures" folder or "My Pictures" and creates in this to your example, is called "WhatsApp profile pictures" a new folder. You have to tap the bottom "New".
  6. Open the new folder and adds on the "Insert" function previously copied from the WhatsApp folder images one. Perhaps the images are displayed there until you restart the device. Incidentally, you should rename the images, otherwise they will be the next time you select this version, overwritten.

Incidentally, your contacts do not get with (yet) if your stores their profile picture. It is possible that this does change soon when the Messenger rolls out his changes to the status function. For then users should be able to know who is reading their status. And maybe then you get a notification when the profile image is saved. But we are not there yet.