dbSThumb (photo database)

Of the dbSThumb download was formerly known as the additive "Image Base", This describes the range of freeware, however inadequately, as it also imports multimedia content such as music and video files and managed.

Regulations for the image collection with the dbSThumb Download

The core competence of dbSThumb however, is actually to look at the field of digital photography. The free database organized popular graphic formats such as JPG, PNG, and TIFF, to some RAW formats of digital cameras. Based on a thumbnail preview overlooks and large photo libraries relatively quickly. If available, reads and edits dbSThumb also embedded EXIF ​​or IPTC tags and GPS data and displays their contents in addition to relevant photo one.

dbSThumb download

Creating stereo and 3D images

When it comes to image editing the helper has to offer. So to prune photos according to his needs, rotate or flip the images or created so-called slices. A plus: The free helper also creates HDR and 3D images. In more complex image processing functions, however waived, as the focus of the software is in the area of ​​administration.

Virtual Light Table and backup module on board

the dbSThumb download a three-tier rating system, a virtual light table and an integrated backup module is rounded. This brings the valuable images before sometimes fatal loss of data in safety.

The main functions in detail

  • Management through directory structure and cataloging
  • Search the image heritage status
  • Import image files
  • Presentation of the photos as slideshow
  • automated backup
  • File Browser for quick overview
  • Supports 35 graphic formats
  • Author and source management
  • Document Management
  • Creating web pages as images galleries
  • Award of quality features
  • Reading the GPS, IPTC and Exif information
  • Creation of index-images
  • Splitting video into pictures
  • Dynamic increase (DRI) and stereo images (anaglyph)
  • Geotagging with Google Earth / Maps link
  • Image comparisons with color or edge detection

Free use of dbSThumb only for home users

dbSThumb especially appeals to photographers, graphic artists and videographers who use it to manage large amounts of data quite well and optimize. The freeware version is limited to a maximum of 2,000 records, offering only the basic functions: data import, catalog, image, sound and video playback, author management and screen text editor. The use is free of charge exclusively for home users. Who wants to use the advanced features such as screen captures, image export, watermarks, scaling, file explorer, web gallery, dynamics increase, magnifier, PDF conversion, video split, stereo photos, encryption, index creation, slideshow and image comparison, must resort to the paid versions Lite, Pro or Premium.

Freeware version provides 30 days for the advanced features

For a period of 30 days after the initial installation dbSThumb can be used as full-Pro full version after all, to be able to try all the advanced features. Further image manager for free download can be found in our software offering.

dbSThumb download

Limitations of dbSThumb (photo database)

Only for private use freeware with limited functions