NetMeter gadget for Windows 7

The NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 takes several parts of the user traffic to the Internet. As the name suggests, the small freeware helper does its job from the sidebar in Windows 7 and its predecessor Vista from analogous to many other offered in our software portfolio to download gadgets.

NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 Download measures the traffic

As his principal task of it goes to the NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 Download, the to monitor traffic. The mini-application takes both incoming and outgoing bits and bytes under the microscope and makes it optically clear in the form of two graphs represent.

Free Gadget identify unusual traffic

The amount of zeros and ones that are transferred between his home computer and global data network back and forth while volumenunhängiger flat rates still plays at times hardly matters. But who, for example, does not want Applications in the background without asking "to call home", receives the NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 a clue whether he has installed such a program on the PC. If namely lack of own activity on the Internet actually no traffic take place, but it arises nevertheless unusual traffic, this is at least an indication of garrulous services or software.

Free gadget measures the internet traffic

Measures Internet traffic for extended periods

Intressant the data collected by the NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 may still be for Statstikfreunde who like measured over longer periods of their Internet traffic want. This provides the free station at the option of the data in export monthly or annual form, namely as CSV data.

Fineness and appearance of the meter adaptable

To what degree of fineness the NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 is to display the data traffic can affect to the user in different ways. So one example, the unity of the upload and download traffic to the standard bits per second. Alternative units are:

  • Kilobits per second
  • Kilobytes per second
  • Megabits per second
  • Megabytes per second
  • Gigabit per second
  • Gigabytes per secondAlso can the Select period, in the Traffic Monitor monitors the data transfer, namely between one, two, five, ten or 15 minutes, and half an hour. Furthermore, the type of representation in terms of the colors can be adapted to the user's taste.

Also determines the IP address of the computer

Useful for so many online gamers also proves that the NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 identifies the IP address of the local computer. This is often required in order to connect to other gamers via the Internet and visually indicated by the gadget at a glance. Do I need a new public IP, can this easily renew by clicking on the appropriate button of the mini-tools. NetMeter the gadget for Windows 7 is rounded off with a cruise control for data throughput. This set upload and download speed limits when necessary, and, separately from each other. Theoretically, very useful, but ... However, it is worth mentioning that the NetMeter gadget for Windows 7 executed in the test none of his functions properly. Whether this was because Microsoft has stopped supporting the sidebar and thus the gadgets or whether existed a faulty configuration, it could not be clarified conclusively. Who gets the little helpers to work, but will receive a meaningful real-time statistics in terms of Internet traffic.