With TeamSpeak plugins even more in-game communication

With TeamSpeak plugins even more in-game communication

Players interact better with each other with Teamspeak plugin game. Here is a small plug-in selection. now read & connect. Whether World of Warcraft, Counter Strike or other MMORPG – TeamSpeak has long been a household name among online gamers. So the communication tool was explicitly designed for the gamer scene and optimized. After the free download of TeamSpeak client brings ideal conditions for communication with other gamers on the PC. For example, a chat feature or the arrangement of players in the virtual space, just to name a few. but the VoIP client can do even more – if one with a few Teamspeak plugin nachhilft. Teamspeak plugin

TeamSpeak plugins for even more functionality

The conferencing software for gamers, although already equipped innately with clever features, but can a lot more if you let them. The user must install this only a few small plugins that can be found in the network and also the producer himself in heaps for free download. are presented some of these Teamspeak plugin at this point and their effects are explained. As the gamer tool exists already in its third generation, the most plug-ins are designed to TS3. Teamspeak plugin Soundboard

TS3 Soundboard Plugin

This plugin enables the client and the user to stream audio to your own TS3 server. In this way, gamers can listen to music together or create with creepy or funny sounds a certain mood. The extension supports files in MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF, and runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Return-to-last-Channel plug

This is a very small extension. The user can always return by assigning a hotkey to the previous channel. First, the gamer has to activate the plugin and then create a new hotkey in the hotkey options. For this purpose, under plugins and plugin command of the load-channel load-channel command / execute entered. Teamspeak plugin load channel

Connection History Plugin

The extension keeps track of all servers that you have visited while playing. That is, it records the address, the name and IP of the server and the time of the visit. The user can retrieve this data and gets a clear listing. Teamspeak plugin History

Teamspeak 3 Overlay

Such a tool makes communication and Game still on together. It shows in the DirectX games to all gamers of the current TS3 channels. While the user gambles, so he can see who is currently in the Channel and who it just chatting. The corresponding overlay window can be moved freely and be separated from the game. The talk will be displayed in real time.

Whiteboard plugin

As the name suggests, brings this Teamspeak plugin with a whiteboard. Gamers can use it to make together sketches and forge as detailed plans for the next steps in the game. it available to them are five filters and seven different painting tools. The requirement for this client of TS3 least in beta 28 version. Teamspeak plugin Whiteboard