Of the Ori and the Blind Forest Download appears after four years of development for Windows PC and can be ordered from the game sales Steam. The 2D platformer will also be available for Xbox One and 360th The debut work of the Austrian game developer Moon Studios provides a fantastic game play and beautiful, magical animations.

Ori and the Blind Forest Download with fascinating puzzles

Especially in terms of looks and aesthetics game, the developers have done a great job in the 2D platformer. But the gameplay is extraordinarily high level. The main role is played Alien Ori, plant, opponents and other game elements used to hurl sent in the desired direction and to swing in dizzying heights.

Ori and the Blind Forest Download

Precise control with high force factor

The control proves even in challenging skill passages as highly precise and plays wonderfully smooth. Ori itself needs no weapons, but can ward off the bullets of the enemy by returning hurls them to the attacker or she used to break through wooden walls.

Many challenging puzzles are included

As precisely the gameplay is so difficult but it is also to cope with the tasks successfully. Ori and the Blind Forest turns out not as a no-brainer, but as tough platformer punishes the player every mistake immediately. In the foreground no shooting orgies or fights, but difficult, challenging puzzles are.

Ori and the Blind Forest Download platformer

Ori has Always on the move

In some sections of the game Ori must always keep moving and can thereby make any wrong move that would inevitably lead to death. After all, the player can place themselves anywhere a save point before too tricky game arcades and so inevitably required repetitions at least reduce a bit.

Ori and the Blind Forest Download Metroidvania

In Ori and the Blind Forest no routine comes to

Praiseworthy is compared to other games in the genre of platforming and the so-called "Metroidvanias"That little routine comes up. Again and again, the player must come up with new ways and tricks to accomplish their tasks successfully and solve the puzzles provided. More platforming games for free download are available in our extensive software offering.