Edraw Mind Map

Of the Edraw Mind Map Download brings a digital whiteboard to the PC, but can do a lot more. Using the software can be thought, hold on to ideas and concepts clearly as mind maps or charts. A wide range of tools provides numerous display options that allow even complex issues can perfectly reproduce. Another strength is the compatibility with respect to various image format types.

With Edraw Mind Map Download structuring thoughts

Mind maps are used in many areas to represent relationships to illustrate concepts or to make problem analysis tangible. Also for processes such as joint brainstorming or idea generation, this form of presentation of trains of thought is very suitable. The Edraw Mind Map Download now brings these thoughts cards as a digital version on the computer. The tool has a wide range of tools and countless templates and symbols on board to facilitate the creation of mind maps enormous. Thanks to ease of use and intuitive interface, the mind map program is one of the useful project management software and tools that pose a real workload for the user.

Edraw Mind Map Download

System requirements for the project management tool

The mind mapping program is only available for Windows operating systems. It supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2008, 2003 and XP and also Provided 2000. 256 MB RAM and 25 MB of hard disk. The download of Edraw Mind Map is just under 20 MB in size, so no problems. The installation puts users no unusual challenge.

Tools and templates Edraw Mind Map

The software is vector-based and brings the user endless possibilities to represent with. Thanks to a large number of templates and prefabricated symbols such as arrows or text boxes as well as various link options, the user arbitrarily complex flow charts, drawings and mind maps can customize. Various ideas and concept stages can distinguish themselves not only through various forms and colors of the text boxes and links, and backgrounds can be characterized in different colors.

Edraw Mind Map Download icons

The tool also allows effortless switching between different layout modes. When creating the mind map, the user must also not complicated search for a relationship between topics. Here helps an intelligent assistant who thus work even easier. Furthermore ensures the clear structure of the user interface that any user can quickly cope with the tools and can produce results in a short time. So all the basic functions can be found in the main view and structure reminiscent of other Office programs.

Edraw Mind Map Download Wizard

Project management software with broad compatibility

A special feature of Edraw Mind Map is the effortless handling of a wide variety of formats. Both the import and export the tool meets the users. can open the mind map professional EDX, EDXZ and EDD; store is possible in the following formats: EDX, EDXZ, EXE, PDF, HTML and SVG. To import PNG, WMF, EMF, EDD, BMP, DIB, JPG, GIF, TIF is supported. When exporting, the tool is compatible with JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG TIFF, PDF, HTML, BMP, DIB, WMF and EMF.