With the MemoCARD download can print flashcards comfortable. Flashcards are a tool indispensable repeat learning. The simplest form of learning card is the Flash Cards: On the one hand there is the native-language term, on the other side of the corresponding term of the target language.

print flashcards comfortable with the MemoCARD Download

The principle is simple: Cards with something known contents are sorted out cards with something known not content to be repeated more often. The flashcards idea can be applied to all knowledge content: On the front of the question on the back is the answer. Applications could be for example: The ABC, grammatical rules, vocabulary 'in full sentences', definitions of law, economics and business administration, factual knowledge of medicine, education, music, geography, etc.

MemoCARD downloadMemoCARD download with printable flashcards

capture multi-line question and answer texts

With the help of MemoCARD several lines of question and answer text can be captured, according to numerous criteria selected and printed in Flash Card form. Moreover, it is possible to integrate both the questionnaire and on the response page graphics. The texts are varied formatted: font, font size, font color, italics, bold, underline, marks etc.

The records can be selected after entering date, modification date, subject, keyword and record numbers in particular. The print job may refer to the question pages to which pages or response to automatic duplex printing. In addition, further options are provided, in particular a so-called correction term.