Who WhatsApp love sayings wants to send via smartphone on Valentine's Day or other occasions, is below the best and funniest quotes and videos about the loved ones to be happy for sure.

WhatsApp love sayings: Romantic Greetings for Valentine's Day

a digital greeting over the phone is already taken the place of good old Valentine card by mail. Especially popular for the exchange of WhatsApp Valentine greetings to the loved ones are after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS not only text messages but also atmospheric and romantic videos. Of course, our ideas for WhatsApp love spells can also e-mail, send Facebook or other messenger.

WhatsApp love sayingsWhatsApp love sayings: send greetings and videos via smartphone

Copy and paste Valentine - Here's how!

Most ideas and sayings for WhatsApp love sayings Gibt's here. Just select, copy it to the clipboard and send the greetings via WhatsApp. To save text in the clipboard, the Android user presses on the text to which he would like to copy. With the two boundaries of the text can be marked fairly straightforward. Another click on Copy and go landing the desired text passage in the clipboard. Those who want to paste the text into a WhatsApp message, touch and hold the text box and click Insert, and then the copied text is inserted at the selected location.

Send Valentines in the classic text form: WhatsApp love sayings

For those who prefer the classic text form for WhatsApp Valentines, find some appropriate sayings that we have compiled below.

  • Please do not forget me on St. Valentine! You're always there in my heart.
  • Thank you make me so happy. I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
  • The sweet reason of my sleepless nights I wish a happy Valentine's Day.
  • Love alone understands the secret to gifts to others and to themselves are rich.
  • The favorite greetings on Valentine's Day come from me. How should it be otherwise, a kiss is yours.
  • The most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful woman / the most beautiful man on the planet. Happy Valentines Day!
  • The past is history, the future a mystery, but every moment with you is a wonderful gift.
  • This rose is for you, they will tell you: I love you.
  • This Valentine flowers are from me, my love I give you.
  • You are my star, are to me the sunshine! Whether close, whether far away, I will always be with you.
  • It does not take Valentine's Day to tell you that I love you. Pure coincidence that today.
  • For the world you are somebody, but for somebody you are the world.
  • Without grief, I fall into a love slumber. Without pain I think of you, my valentine heart. Many kisses, I love you!
  • Happiness is love, nothing else. Who can love is happy.
  • Happy Valentines Day! I miss you and kiss you.
  • I love you, you're a small Herzensdieb. You are now in my life, you give me so much. Much love you give me, but I thank you.
  • I love you so much that I need you just ask: Will you be my Valentine treasure? If so, give me a kiss!
  • I give you my heart for Valentine's Day and share with you every joy and every pain.
  • I wish I could spend every day with you to pamper you and teach you to sing a song. Happy Valentine's Day
  • I would like to spend the day with you tomorrow to pamper you and to show you how much I love you. Happy Valentines Day!
  • In my little heart you're still in it. That's why I think of you also to St. Valentin.
  • Love is not what you expect to get, but what you are willing to give.
  • One sees clearly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eye.
  • My whole heart that I give you. And the Valentine flowers are from me.
  • My heart always beats for you. Not only on Valentine's Day.
  • Roses I wanted to give you for Valentine's Day, but you must now imagine. A floral greeting that it should be, but your screen is too small.
  • St. Valentin, you know it already, is the patron saint of love. It is he who watches over our love, in broad daylight and in the dark night.
  • Valentin out Valentin ago, I love you and Valentin's more!
  • Valentin is the best day when one likes flowers. But because I have no flowers for you, I'll tell you only that I like you.
  • Valentine's Day is the best day to tell a loved one, how much you have it. I start ever on with you!
  • Valentine's Day, a day of love. That's why I'm telling you today like every day how much I like you.
  • If you look in the sky and you steal an asterisk there, give him a kiss and think of me, because the asterisk, that's me.
  • For Valentin I always bring flowers. But unfortunately this time I lack the dough, we still celebrate a party?

WhatsApp Files Cinematic greetings for Valentine's Day

Whom the mere writing is too boring and who wants to send cinematic Whatsapp love sayings, adds the greeting to a suitable video clip. On YouTube and other video sites countless Valentine's Day can be found videos. We have selected a few and finally a very special cult video from Saxony for Valentine haters.

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