record a Skype video – how it works!

The record Skype video works with the corresponding additional software easy and uncomplicated. now learn all about how to get to theFree Video Call Recorder for Skype download a video conference mitschneidet!

How to record a Skype Video!

Skype phone calls, especially from the business environment, it is occasionally necessary to include this - of course, with the express permission of the caller. We explain what conditions must be met for video capture and how to then actually record a Skype Video. Here, not only technical aspects but also legal to be observed.

record Skype videorecord Skype video: We explain step by step how it works!

All callers must be informed of the Skype video recording

On the user device, of course, the freeware Skype must be installed. In addition, the Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is needed. This free tool can be found, like the Skype download in our download catalog. Since the small freeware tool designed specifically for Skype, it is ensured that there are no compatibility issues. An important note: For legal reasons, it is imperative that all callers are informed that the recording should be recorded.

A Skype audio recording as MP3 is also possible

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype either stores the clips of both participants or video recordings merely holds only one interlocutor firmly. If desired, the user can also limit on the sound track of phone calls and so act as a MP3 audio recorder. A digital clock shows the time of recording. The freeware takes fairly straightforward voice and video calls, which, however, the quality can not be influenced.

Skype Video Recorder recordThe Free Video Call Recorder records conversations either as a video or audio file.

record Skype Video: Here's How!

The handling of the Video Call Recorder Skype when recording video is pretty simple. We explain below step by step what to do with the recording Skype video.

  • 1&# 46; Step: the program via the icon on the desktop or via Start -> open all programs.

  • 2&# 46; Step: Familiarize yourself with the interface of the program. On the user interface, diverse buttons found to navigation, which either started recording, can be interrupted or terminated.

  • 3&# 46; Step: Before recording, the recording mode is initially selected. The user has the choice between "record all sides". "only take the side of the interlocutor" or "only record sound",

  • 4&# 46; Step: Well the location is determined, at which the video is to be stored after the recording of the conversation. Across the field "Search" any location can be determined.

  • 5&# 46; Step: The user starts the Skype video recording via the Start field.

  • 6&# 46; Step: To pause recording, the user operates the pause button. Call and recording are terminated on the Stop button. Across the field "Show in folder" the recorded file can be accessed directly afterwards.