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With the Android Application can order users online flowers and can provide this on schedule.

Great choice in Android Store

Who wants to send floral greetings, is a huge range of bouquets and sweet gift ideas at It may not always be a room full of roses, because the shop also provides individual flowers.

So you do not lose track at the flower app, the selection is classified buy some roses, bouquets, flowers in a bunch and houseplants in the categories. Also a sort of offer on the occasion or color is possible. In addition to the floral display, there are candy, plush items and funny gift ideas that can enjoy using. Android app offers detailed product descriptions

So you know exactly when the flowers, which arrives at the receiver, the Android application provides a precise description for all items.

For each bouquet, the exact number and nature of bound plants will be displayed. For individual roses and flowers in a bunch, the style length and size of the flower is given.

Even with the evergreen houseplants and delicate orchids, the customer knows the height of the plants. In addition to the care instructions can be considered, it is considered to ensure that the plant can survive in the recipient.

Warning: The product contains links to alternative offers that are opened when you click in the browser of your smartphone. The website does not adapt to the small screen and acts confusing. It is recommended to navigate the app to the right product.

Shop software simplifies the ordering process

If you have chosen a flower delivery, the order in app can be easily assembled.

Each delivery includes a card on which one can register his personal greetings. Upon request, customers can order beautiful thematic maps or extend the delivery for candy, stuffed animals, bubbles and other small items. In single roses or houseplants There is even an assortment of vases and planters. Champagne and wine are also available as additional gifts available. Android order

If the flowers add to the cart, the required delivery date can be selected. Consists in the recipient's address book entry in the smartphone, the Android app finds the appropriate shipping address with a few clicks. Payment is by credit card, bank transfer, cash in advance and even on account.