Of the SL-holiday planner download equips Windows computer with a versatile planner for holidays, birthdays schedules, travel, and continuing education and training of.

Holidays to plan and manage the SL-holiday planner download

The freeware manages multiple user accounts and displays in an annual calendar remaining vacation days and sick days recorded and overtime. The main product SL-holiday planner presents the user with a personal annual calendar page. Here can enter appointments, vacation time, sick time, and any other tasks. By default, the Free planner knows the public holidays and vacation periods of the various federal states. A module for printing vacation requests is also integrated. In addition, various reports or summaries for statistical purposes can be printed.

SL-holiday planner download

By the way, are in the download area also editions of the planner for Austria and Switzerland for download. In the freeware version of the SL-vacation planner use is limited to a maximum of two users. When printing also notification has been made "Demo version", SL-holiday planner offers far more than just a simple planner for the next holiday. Thanks to flexible user account management and additional field types, the manager is also suitable for the personnel planning, and time recording in small to medium-sized businesses. The shareware thereby manages reliably holiday, labor, disease, education and business-Fridays all employees.

Limitations of SL-holiday planner

The freeware is limited to two accounts or users.