DH Mobillity Modder.net (ATI Mobility mud)

DH Mobillity Modder.net converts the standard ATI driver for use on mobile devices. Since ATI relies in terms of support for notebook graphics chips on the respective notebook manufacturer, it often takes a while until the publication of the latest driver. Here the freeware can help. If you try to install the desktop graphics driver on the notebook, the setup acknowledged with an error and the message that the installed hardware is not supported. This is done due to a limitation in the corresponding driver package that the DH Mobillity Modder.net removed. To operate the Modders on XP systems to install the Microsoft .NET Framework Framework and the Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 6.0 is required. How it works: First, you load the latest ATI Catalyst down. It should be noted that it does not load the Mobility version, but the standard desktop drivers. The summit will be adapted to the DH Mobillity Modder.net. The application converts the driver to removed the addressed lock, and even the latest driver is ready to be installed on the notebook. Note: Due to the interference with the driver files you lose course, the manufacturer's guarantee and the corresponding driver certification - patching so at your own risk! As a rule, conversion and installation of the driver running smoothly, but a backup of the system drive is quite recommendable. Appropriate software for data backup can be found here. DH Mobillity Modder.net helps graphics enthusiasts and gamers in bringing the latest graphics driver on the mobile computer without having to wait months for the manufacturer. The software works fast and smoothly. However, problems found after the installation of the new driver, you can be pretty sure that it is up to the converted driver version.