All that matters in football are goals! This is also thought the developers of gate alarm app and have limited attention to this aspect. The football application can know when a goal in the Bundesliga has fallen to the user. In addition, she proposes, if necessary, in the 2nd and 3rd League and international top matches alarm.

Never miss gates with the goal alarm app

Football fans who do not necessarily have interest in each smallest message are annoyed by most football applications. Constantly flying messages about love affairs of a player changes lineups, training details and private posts from players in the house. Who is interested in only one - namely gates, garage doors, gates - is right at the gate alarm Bundesliga App. The Android application to dispense with the whole experience and focuses solely on the game results. In addition to the game scores of the Bundesliga, the app also gives the results of the 2nd and 3rd league as well as the Champions League, Europa League, out of the German Cup and other international matches.

gate alarm app

The Android application can be downloaded for free here. It can be on devices with Android version 3.0 and higher.

Gate alarm comes in real time on smartphone

The developers of the gate alarm app advertise with the slogan "Germany's fastest football app!" And as the experience, the team is not so so wrong. The app sends the information to the fallen gates live on the smartphone. Sometimes they are so fast that news comes in which was found in retrospect that was actually offside. Faster is not possible! The gate alarm is doing therefore the most important facts: For which team was the gateway that minutes it fell to what game it is, and as is now the current score. More recently, the penalty is called.

Gate alarm app Tables

In addition, the app provides an overview of the current match, the tables of the national leagues and international games are also updated continuously.

Gate alarm app push notification

Setting options for push notification

Since you might not be interested in every game of the above leagues, the user can decide for themselves about push notifications. This gives the user the opportunity to say in which team he wants to be kept up to date. It can also identify certain games. Unlike some other sports software downloads from the field of football, the app gate alarm Bundesliga remembers the settings. That is, who has been defined, on whom he will be informed, the corresponding goal alerts gets throughout the game period of time. but the user can of course also make changes at any time.

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