Dungeons 2

Dungeons 2

in the Dungeons 2 Download the player embarks similar to the great idol Dungeon Keeper in dark dungeons, where he gathers as Dungeon Lords numerous creatures from all corners of the underworld around.

Dungeons 2 Download: mix of build-up play and real-time strategy

The Dungeon Lords has her hands full trying to build its basement dungeons to recruit gloomy creatures, and to shield the dark realm against invaders. But that’s not all – this time it is in the tactical real-time strategy game also to lay the cities of the people outside of the dungeon in ruins. In the single player campaign a total of 10 missions with a variety of hideous creatures are to be completed.

Dungeons 2 Download

Struggle between good and evil

The strategy game Dungeons 2 offers a colorful mix of Dungeon Keeper and Warcraft 3, from building game in the underworld and strategic battles in the upper world. Everything revolves course again to the battle between good and evil. The latter had almost taken the final victory. A mob murders funny creatures at the gate king Maw, the capital of the Alliance of the good, and sends itself to massacre its inhabitants down. However, they have not reckoned with the last heroes of the Alliance. These weaken the evil by magic, crush the dark army and banish them to the underworld. The player faces the task of the Dungeon Lord to help the forces of darkness to new strength to take revenge. In the ten missions the single player campaign, the player rolled a nice dungeon, collect minions like trolls, goblins and orcs around and rushing them to the unbearable good heroes.

Dungeon 2 dares to step on the upper world

The fundamentally new compared to other dungeon games is that the fights are no longer limited solely to dark dungeons, the Dark Horde is daring to step to the upper world but, threatening horrible beautiful cities of men. before Orcs & Co. are exposed to the unfamiliar sunlight, but once announced a lot of work in the underground. Rock layers are weggeschreddert to make room for their own dungeons and areas and to attract the creatures of the underworld. But this alone is apparently now too little. In Dungeons 2, the player must be upheld in addition to gold and beer to attract the minions of darkness and to keep the army of fearsome creatures happy and forces.

Dungeons 2 Download overworld

Combination of Dungeon manager and tactical real-time strategy

This is the Dungeons 2 download to a successful combination of Dungeon manager and tactical real-time strategy. Numerous nasty surprises await the invading heroes. The player has a Dungeon Lord at all times have full control over his subordinates. In addition to the single player campaign, there is a multiplayer mode for up to four players. In this way, gamers can also fight in four different game modes with other Dungeon Lords over the Internet. The Dungeons 2 download will be available including on Steam from 04.24.2015. Pre-order will receive various rewards. More Strategiepiele for free download includes our comprehensive software offering.