Of the Flow Player Download plays video clips onto your homepage. The open source released for free use Flash Player can be installed in this way in their own web home.

Flowplayer Download: Flash movies for your website

Flowplayer especially appeals to website owners and program developers. These have the free player kit a solution at hand, so that visitors and customers can view Flash movies directly from their homepage with a click. The freeware attacks while on their hard drive or a web server. Also films of external websites can link. The popular formats like FLV, SWF, MP4 and H.264 support Flowplayer.

Even a direct entry to a particular passage of the film is possible. Several video clips also can be presented over a stream. In addition to the free version paid versions are available from the manufacturer. These will dispense with the company logo of the manufacturer. The free version is also approved for commercial use.

Flow Player Download

Limitations of Flowplayer

Company logo of the manufacturer visible.