Speed ​​rush anyone? With the free Asphalt Nitro App the little brother of the racing game Asphalt 8 predecessor comes on to the Android mobile device. A variety of new licensed cars, varied routes and environments as well as stunts and action-packed game modes await adrenaline junkies. Finally back: car chases with the police.

Asphalt Nitro app: offshoot of asphalt 8

The French development studio Gameloft is internationally known for its exciting action and racing game apps. After the success of Asphalt 8: Airborne fans of the game can look forward to new material for their speed rush now. Nitro, the company has released a worthy offshoot, which can be downloaded here for Android devices for free. The user should, however, have at least one device with Android version 4.0. Note: It offered to unlock certain items, for example, optional in-app purchases.

Asphalt Nitro AppAsphalt Nitro App - exciting racing game from Gameloft

Asphalt Nitro Android: licensed cars in great environments

The racing game is also a feast for the eyes in two ways. So expect the gamer on the one hand a variety of licensed cars - including luxury and sports bodies like the laferrari or Lamborghini Veneno. In addition, the gamer is led to stunning locations and great, varied routes. While in a moment still on the hot asphalt at the palm-fringed coast - overlooking the sea - rushes past, one is the next moment in the most beautiful mountain scenery and looking at snow-covered mountain tip. Provided one is with eyes fast enough to catch the sight of the racetrack. The asphalt nitro app sends the player any case, once across the globe - from China to Brazil.

Both components - tracks and cars - are, however, as is usual for games apps unlocked only piece by piece. Who does not have enough patience, can shorten the waiting time or another with real money on in-app products.

Asphalt Nitro App TrackingWild chases with the police

Racing game with 8 different game modes

Besides the numerous routes and racing cars also very different game modes to provide some variation. If you like, of course, can travel nonstop alone race. But then you miss online races where you can compete with other players. These modes Gate drift or destruction and the asynchronous racing with friends are here, for example. The highlight of asphalt Nitro Android is the popular tracking mode. This has long disappeared from the Games and is now more exciting than ever return.